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Our dance school sits on the Mansfield Woodhouse high street and brings together a an experienced team of teachers, each with specialised areas in dance, meaning you get a focused and high quality tuition from each and every class you choose to take. We also have some of the largest and best facilities around, not to mention our credit-crunch-beating class and private tuition prices, which are competitive with all other nearby dance schools – even those with far more limited training facilities than ours. 

Our motto is simple: excellence should not be exclusive. It should be made available to those who spend time and effort, which we encourage throughout our school with dynamic teaching and constantly high expectations. For us, excellence in dance and theatre should not only be open to those who are able to spend silly money on themselves or their children. 

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Excelsior offers a wide range of dance classes, spanning from social through to exam-grade and competition level, bringing together the careful poise of ballet, the sassy spirit of Latin, the debonair delights of ballroom, the frantic pace of freestyle, and much else besides. 

Our premises comprise two large dance studios, a smaller third studio, a gym area, and a wide range of safety and support apparatus. Also, because many of our students regularly stay long hours and train well into the evening, we like them to feel at home, and so take great pride in the cosy ambiance, the quirky décor, the homely feel throughout our premises, designed to impress, amuse, welcome, and above all else inspire. These are just some of the reasons why many of our younger students achieve the highest standards in exams, competitions, theatrical performances, auditions and suchlike, whilst our older students go on to enjoy life beyond Excelsior with enrolments into higher education dance and theatre courses at college, university, and stage school. Recently, one of our students auditioned for a full scholarship at not one, but two of London’s most prestigious stage schools. Amazingly, he was offered both places and now attends his first choice amongst them: Tring Park (formerly Arts Ed). 

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